Get Out


(out of 5)

is heading to the country with girlfriend  to meet her parents and is more than a little bit nervous.  Her upper middle class family doesn’t know that he’s black and he’s worried that they won’t welcome him, but even with that tension in the air he still isn’t prepared for the situation he walks into when he gets there:  overly polite and accommodating white people, creepily chipper and zoned out black people, and a girlfriend who makes things worse by insisting that everything is perfectly normal and he needs to relax.  Getting further into the situation reveals more sinister secrets in a delightfully funny satire on race relations that is equal parts Roman Polanski, Georges Franju and Ira Levin, balancing comedy and horror effectively (though admittedly with more emphasis on the former).  An experienced film watcher will see many of the plot twists coming, it’s actually a shame that director Jordan Peele’s script isn’t as twisty or complicated as his sense of allegory is smart and fresh, but it’s directed with a great deal of strength (including an outstanding hypnosis scene that is the film’s highlight) and has more than a few genuinely creepy moments.  The cast is uniformly strong, including  as Williams’ subtly terrifying mother and  stealing scenes as Kaaluya’s very funny best friend.

USA, 2017

Directed by

Screenplay by Jordan Peele

Cinematography by

Produced by , , , Jordan Peele

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards:  2017

Golden Globe Awards:  2017


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