Chicks Dig Gay Guys


(out of 5)

Tired of striking out with girls at clubs, Scooter overhears a group of pretty ladies chatting with their gay friend and realizes the foolproof way for getting close with the ladies.  He and his best friend Brad start pretending to be gay and, before they know it, are knee deep in gorgeous dames.  Scooter even gets to bed a few of them by pretending to be curious, but Brad discovers a snag in the plan when he falls in love with Rachel, who already has a boyfriend and doesn’t think of him that way.  Graceless, charmless and unintelligent, this poorly conceived trash would be worth taking to task for its insensitivity to the subject matter if there was even the least bit of skill in its making; as such it is a comedy whose assumed demographic (those who love a good booby comedy) will find few laughs to reward them.  Third-billed  is actually just a cameo in one scene, and it hurts to see so great an actor in such unhappy surroundings.  Co-star (Scooter) reportedly wrote the script based on his own experiences.

Listen to BGM’s Episode on Chicks Dig Gay Guys

USA, 2014

Directed by

Story by , Screenplay by Nathan Anderson, Nathan Apffel

Cinematography by

Produced by Nathan Anderson, ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by Nathan Apffel,



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