Female Vampire (La Comtesse Noire)


(out of 5)

If soft core adult fare is going to masquerade as exploitative horror, it could at least be periodically horrific. is limp as a bloodsucker who wanders the misty fields of Madeira in search of victims, luring men and women in with her irresistible lack of wardrobe (she generally wears a cape and nothing else) before performing oral sex on them and then, well, biting off less than she can chew.  Meanwhile, porn-stashed reads random excerpts of poetry before making his way into her path.  I get that it’s supposed to be trash, but thanks to zero effort on director Jesus Franco’s part to include much in the way of bloody mayhem (she goes down on a guy, he screams, and that’s about it), it’s only fun for anyone who is there to see the nudity (and with the endless shots up her crotch, there’s lots to enjoy).


France/Belgium, 1975

Directed by

Screenplay by Jesus Franco, dialogue by

Cinematography by Jesus Franco

Produced by

Music by 

Film Editing by Jesus Franco



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