My Old Addiction

Female Vampire (La Comtesse Noire)


(out of 5)

If soft core adult fare is going to masquerade as exploitative horror, it could at least be periodically horrific. is limp as a bloodsucker who wanders the misty fields of Madeira in search of victims, luring men and women in with her irresistible lack of wardrobe (she generally wears a cape and nothing else) before performing oral sex on them and then, well, biting off less than she can chew.  Meanwhile, porn-stashed reads random excerpts of poetry before making his way into her path.  I get that it’s supposed to be trash, but thanks to zero effort on director Jesus Franco’s part to include much in the way of bloody mayhem (she goes down on a guy, he screams, and that’s about it), it’s only fun for anyone who is there to see the nudity (and with the endless shots up her crotch, there’s lots to enjoy).


France/Belgium, 1975

Directed by

Screenplay by Jesus Franco, dialogue by

Cinematography by Jesus Franco

Produced by

Music by 

Film Editing by Jesus Franco



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