Those People (2015)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BB.5

USA, 2015, .  Story by Joey Kuhn, , Screenplay by Joey Kuhn.  Cinematography by .  Produced by Joey Kuhn, , .  Music by .  Production Design by .  Costume Design by .  Film Editing by .  Podcast:  Bad Gay Movies.

Charlie and Sebastian are the centre of a group of college friends, the former a sweet and devoted friend to the other, who is the entitled son of a Madoff-esque criminal who is currently in prison. Charlie has been madly in love with Sebastian throughout their entire friendship, but now just connecting with him on a friend level is difficult given that the stress of being hated by everyone on the island of Manhattan has plunged Sebastian into a deep, dark depression.  When Charlie meets a handsome concert pianist (), he has the opportunity to make a healthy connection which is met with, for some reason, harsh criticism by the rest of his group of friends, who feel that he is betraying Sebastian in pursuing something genuine (even though there’s no reason for them to feel that way).  A collection of characters who are for the most charmless ruin whatever this film gains by its technically strong direction and beautiful photography, while the cast of talented actors do their best to make something three dimensional out of the writing.  Director Joey Kuhn has a talent for assembling situations that do not feel contrived, but he does not manage to find the sharpest edge of the conflicts within his set pieces and the interactions are difficult to understand.

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