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Rendezvous In Paris (Les rendez-vous de Paris)

Rendezvous In ParisBBBB

(out of 5)

This trilogy of failed romantic connections is one of Eric Rohmer’s most delightful films.  The first and funniest of three tales has a young woman learn that her boyfriend is playing around on her, so when a handsome young man flirts with her at the market, she is open to it until he leaves and she realizes her wallet is missing.  In the second tale, a couple spend their dates going on walks through parks and cemeteries, with him trying to convince her that she should leave her permanent boyfriend and make him, her light fling on the side, the real deal.  The third tale is of a handsome painter who is set up on a date with a beautiful Swedish girl but is ready to move on before their date is even over when he spots a beautiful Swiss woman at the art gallery they are visiting.  Smart, sharp and full of laugh out loud moments, it has a cynical view of love and sex but is never gloomy or mean.  All the acting is outstanding and the writing features some of Rohmer’s best dialogue.


France, 1995

Directed by Eric Rohmer

Screenplay by Eric Rohmer

Cinematography by 

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Film Editing by

Rendezvous In Paris4 Rendezvous In Paris3 Rendezvous In Paris2


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