Mur Murs

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This scintillating collection of eye popping images was made during Agnes Varda’s years working in California.  She invites us to share her fascination with mural art in Los Angeles, traveling to various landmarks in the city and photographing the many giant paintings that adorn the sides of buildings and contribute to a sense of character for both the edifices that they decorate as well as giving flavour to the neighbourhood.  Mural art is distinctly different from advertising, we are told, as it does not feel the need to sell you on a prefabricated emotion but can be used to express any feeling happy or sad.  The artists behind many of these vastly beautiful works of art appear on screen to tell their tales, ranging from established illustrators to quirky street characters, and what is most effective is how the paintings feel like dynamic characters themselves.

France/USA, 1981

Directed by

Screenplay by Agnes Varda

Cinematography by

Film Editing by

Film Festivals: TIFF 1981

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