Ben & Arthur

Ben & Arthur0

(out of 5)

Often referred to as The Room for gay movies, this is bad to the point of being awe-inspiring.  A couple await news of changes made to laws regarding same-sex marriage, prepared to leave for a trip to Hawaii to tie the knot provided it is legally possible.  Things don’t go well and Arthur has to look up his brother, whom he hasn’t seen in seven years (which is why his brother doesn’t recognize him and hits on him instead) to borrow money.  Arthur doesn’t realize until it is too late that his brother is actually a closeted, self-hating bigot who goes into a murderous rage at the thought of Arthur marrying Ben.  Slack editing, bad lighting and some truly unbelievable twists to the plot, plus onscreen gaffes that would make Ed Wood beam in his grave provide for an experience that is either thoroughly dreadful or, in the right circumstance (grab your friends and a lot of booze), totally delightful.

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USA, 2002

Directed by

Screenplay by Sam Mraovich

Cinematography by , Sam Mraovich

Produced by Sam Mraovich

Music by Sam Mraovich

Film Editing by , Sam Mraovich

Ben & Arthur2


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