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October 1917 (Ten Days That Shook The World)

October 1917BBBB

(out of 5)

Sergei Eisenstein’s magnificent talent for montage is well on display in this film that seeks to pay tribute to the October revolution of 1917 on its tenth anniversary. It begins with the placement of the Provisional Government that eventually leads to violent uprisings, the fall of the Romanov dynasty and the storming of the Winter Palace (the filming of which caused more injuries than in the real event ten years earlier). The silent footage was tinkered with by Eisenstein after sound technology became available, meaning that there are crowd noises, music and the odd sound effects thrown on the soundtrack, and that’s something of a shame. It’s hard to know if the amazing sequences that are edited with such incredible precision were there from the beginning or created in the restoration, but other than that the whole project is a wonder to behold. Following the plot is a bit of a challenge, it’s filmed like a fictional documentary, but the imagery is unforgettable.

USSR, 1928

Directed by ,

Screenplay by Sergei M. Eisenstein, Grigori Aleksandrov, intertitles by , based on the book by

Cinematography by

Music by ,

Production Design by ,

Film Editing by

October 19172


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