The Skinny (2012)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BB

USA, 2012.  Szymon Sayz Productions, Tall Skinny Black Boy Productions.  Screenplay by Patrik-Ian Polk.  Cinematography by .  Produced by , Patrik-Ian Polk, .  Music by Patrik-Ian Polk.  Film Editing by Patrik-Ian Polk.

Magnus has been dating Ryan for five months and they haven’t had sex yet, because Ryan wants to wait and make sure that they feel strongly about each other when they finally get busy.  On the weekend we catch up with them, four of Magnus’s friends come from around the country for New York City’s Pride festivities, and bring with them a whole heap of drama.  Sebastian is in love with Kyle, who is a full-on player, Joey has the hots for every boy he sees but is too timid to talk to any of them, and Langston is the pretty girl who hangs out with them all between the odd bout of blinking eyelashes at girls in bars.  Then they see Ryan’s dirty online profile, Magnus freaks out and the drama spirals out of control.  The situations these characters find themselves in are ridiculously contrived to say the least (don’t work so hard to justify a scene at a sex party, just have a scene at a sex party) but thankfully the appealing actors and good performances make the silliness go down a lot easier than it would under poorer direction or less impressive production values.  The whole thing looks great, but don’t mistake any of the above for me saying that it’s in any way good.

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