My Old Addiction

The Mill And The Cross


(out of 5)

Master painter Pieter Bruegel’s panoramic work The Road To Calvary is turned into a stunning artistic experiment by filmmaker Lech Majewski. He opens with a dramatic recreation of the painting before turning to various explorations of the lives of the figures who inhabit the canvas, recreating the lives of peasants and noblemen alike in sixteenth-century Flanders. Among them are  as an unhappy widow,  as a philosophical aristocrat and  as the painter himself, describing the meaning of his intended tableaux. Rich, vivid images are displayed in startlingly beautiful colours, whether depicting pastoral beauty or medieval horrors, up against the most threadbare narrative spine you could possibly imagine and yet it never feels scattered or unsure.

Telewizja Polska, Bokomotiv Freddy Olsson Filmproduktion, Odeon, Arkana Film Studio, Silesia Film, 24 Media, Supra Film, Piramida Film

Poland/Sweden, 2011

Directed by Lech Majewski

Screenplay by Michael Francis Gibson, Lech Majewski

Cinematography by Lech Majewski, Adam Sikora

Produced by Lech Majewski

Music by Lech Majewski, Jozef Skrzek

Production Design by Marcel Slawsinki, Katarzyna Sobanska-Strzalkowska

Costume Design by Dorota Roqueplo

Film Editing by Lech Majewski, Norbert Rudzik


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