My Old Addiction

Scenes From A Gay Marriage


(out of 5)

Matt Riddlehoover directs himself in a bare premise that never quite manages to be a film.  Alone and abandoned after his last relationship broke up, Riddlehoover spends most of his time in his apartment, making his living taking pictures of himself for an anonymous fetishist and listening through the vent on his ceiling to the couple who live upstairs.  He is at first drawn to them by the sounds of hot sex coming through the air ducts but eventually begins hearing their conversations and following the trajectory of their relationship.  He strikes up a friendship with a quirky girl he meets in the building’s gym and flirts with his friend, the three of them failing to engage us in their dialogue given that most of it is mumbled and it’s hard to see where it’s all going.  It appears to be inspired by Woody Allen movies, Another Woman in particular comes to mind, but it feels like extended scenes from the cutting room floor that are jumbled together and barely makes an impression.

Listen to BGM’s Episode on Scenes From A Gay Marriage.

Bring Chase Productions, Empire Films

USA, 2012

Directed by

Screenplay by Matt Riddlehoover

Cinematography by 

Produced by Matt Riddlehoover

Production Design by

Costume Design by Ryan Ripley

Film Editing by , Matt Riddlehoover

ScenesFromAGayMarriage8 SONY DSC


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