Eating Out: Drama Camp


(out of 5)

The film series of gay softcore delights can barely be bothered to pretend to be about anything else anymore, with coy sexuality that hints at but never delivers the goods you get on the net after handing over your credit card number.  Zack and Casey are having relationship trouble that Casey hopes will be fixed by their having gotten into a performance arts camp (that is oddly for adults who are treated like children and no one seems to mind).  When they arrive it’s a soup of confused identities and mixed up relationships as Zack has the hots for Benji, who says he’s straight, while the director of their talent show falls in love with a transsexual and it puts his identity in crisis, and Casey is being hit on by his goofy sex-crazed roommate.  None of it matters, the dialogue is plastic and the acting terrible, and all attempts to be sincere and representative of more than just cute young white guys who look amazing without their shirts on are as disingenuous as can be, plus the music is terrible.

Listen to BGM’s episode on Eating Out: Drama Camp

Ariztical Entertainment, EOSS Productions

USA, 2011

Directed by

Screenplay by , Q. Allan Brocka

Cinematography by

Produced by Q. Allan Brocka,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by Phillip J. Bartell



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