Mr. Imperium (You Belong To My Heart)


(out of 5)

Studio heads gave opera star  a screen test and incorrectly believed it wise to move ahead with a starring role.  Pairing up his complete lack of charisma with a full-on dud of a screenplay, they got the beautiful  bogged down in this mess of a movie that was shelved for a year and then finally given a shot on the big screen where it fizzled.  Pinza plays a playboy prince who has an affair with a chorus girl (Turner) that turns to love.  They part, and years later he is made king of his small principality while she has turned into a huge star; they are reunited by circumstances but there’s little chance that their current life situations will allow them to be together again.  The terrible chemistry between the two stars and the dull musical sequences that show off Pinza’s operatic voice really make it a chore to sit through; if there is anything worthy about the film it’s the lovely locations, and if there is anything memorable about this debacle it would probably be the early appearance in a supporting role of a peppy young , just one year shy of her appearance in Singin’ In The Rain.


USA, 1951

Directed by

Screenplay by , Don Hartman, based on the play by Edwin H. Knopf

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by ,

Costume Design by

Film Editing by ,  



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