Kung Fu Panda 2


(out of 5)

The cuddly martial arts hero who bested all odds returns for another adventure in this colourful sequel to the 2008 hit.  voices panda bear Po once again as he and his team of superb warriors are dispatched to save the land of China from an evil peacock () who would try and place the nation under his tyrannical rule. Getting close to the villain, Po discovers that the big bad bird also has ties to his own tragic origins, and cannot resist the opportunity to learn about the circumstances that led to him being raised by a restaurateur duck. The original cast of , ,  and  return, plus the addition of ,  and  for a film that does not measure up to its original for freshness or fun; following a film that did a superb job of hanging a flimsy plot on a number of terrific jokes, this one suffers from a far too sober reliance on heavy narrative. The writers barely indulge themselves in any humorous slapstick, as if they used up all their gags the first time around, and instead rely on intricate twists and turns that are never particularly inspiring. Even the animation fails to be as dazzlingly beautiful as its predecessor, but while it is not much more than a passable continuation of the first film, it is not a bad way to spend your time, and the youngsters certainly will not regret it.

DreamWorks Animation

USA, 2011

Directed by 

Screenplay by

Produced by 

Music by ,

Production Design by

Film Editing by ,

Academy Awards 2011



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