The Lost Weekend


(out of 5)

Effective look at alcoholism is one of Hollywood’s first unapologetic looks at a truly unattractive subject. ‘s performance in the lead as a perpetually drunk screenwriter with no ambitions beyond getting to his next tall drink is powerful, while  stars as the good woman who loves him but can’t do anything to help him.  It hasn’t aged exceptionally well, some of the scenes of Milland being overtaken by drunkenness are somewhat campy, but is worth checking out if only to see an early success by the legendary Billy Wilder.

Paramount Pictures

USA, 1945

Directed by Billy Wilder

Screenplay by , Billy Wilder, based on the novel by 

Cinematography by 

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by ,

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Film Festivals:  Cannes 1946

Academy Awards
Best Actor (Ray Milland as “Don Birnam”)
Best Directing (Billy Wilder)
Best Motion Picture (Paramount)
Best Writing (Screenplay) (Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder)

Best Cinematography (Black-and-White) (John F. Seitz)
Best Film Editing (Doane Harrison)
Best Music (Music Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture) (Miklos Rozsa)

Golden Globe Awards
Best Motion Picture-Drama
Best Motion Picture Director (Billy Wilder)
Best Motion Picture Actor (Ray Milland)

ray milland & jane wyman - the lost weekend 1945


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