(out of 5)

Charming comedy from the sophisticated treasure trove of classics that  made in his heyday. He plays an obsessed baseball fan who can’t hold on to a job for very long, but is very good at keeping the heart of a beautiful girl with whom he is madly in love. Her grandfather drives a horse-drawn trolley through the streets of New York, the last of its kind, and the attempts of rich developers to take over his track and amalgamate the railway systems of the Big Apple forms a frame of sorts for the loose plotting. Much of the film concerns itself with Lloyd’s day at Coney Island with his lady love and his increasingly funny attempts to stay employed (including a wonderful sequence as a taxi driver) before the final third has him racing against time to save his future grandfather-in-law’s business from his opponents’ greedy rascalry. Swift pacing and inspired sight gags are made that much more memorable by beautiful on-location photography; if for nothing else it’s worth watching for the footage of New York during the Roaring Twenties.  appears as himself in one of the funniest sequences.

The Harold Lloyd Corporation

USA, 1928

Directed by 

Story by ,

Cinematography by 

Produced by Harold Lloyd

Music by ,

Production Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards 1927/28



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