Blast From The Past (1999)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBB

USA, 1999.  Forge, Midnight Sun Pictures, .  Story by , Screenplay by Bill Kelly, Hugh Wilson.  Cinematography by .  Produced by , Hugh Wilson.  Music by .  Production Design by .  Costume Design by .  Film Editing by .  

 stars as a man raised for thirty-five years in a bomb shelter with his Communist-paranoid parents (Sissy Spacek, Christopher Walken) who mistakenly took an airplane falling on their house to be a nuclear bomb and headed for their underground hideout.

Now an adult, Fraser is sent out into the world to find out what he can about the aftermath of the assumed disaster and ends up making new friends (, ), naively succeeding at everything he attempts to do to reintegrate his family back into the world.

This is a terrific comedy with asset upon asset to offer: gorgeous cinematography, perfect production design that captures the B-movie matinee look of sixties furniture, and to cap it all off, Silverstone in what is probably her wisest and sassiest performance yet.

Spacek and Walken are unforgettably funny as the parents, and add much to a film that just bounces along feeling so special and witty the whole way. Great entertainment.

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