Fun In Acapulco


(out of 5)

Another  music-fest that serves as a collection of music videos in the days before MTV. Girls! Girls! Girls! ended with him as the happiest captain of a sailboat the world ever did see. When Fun In Acapulco begins, the fun has ended on the water and Presley is stranded on the shores of Mexico. Thankfully there’s a resort nearby that needs a lifeguard, not to mention a singer to replace the no-account layabout who is supposed to rock the house every night in the entertainment complex. Elvis gets himself into no end of trouble when his career conflicts are matched by his romantic pursuits: a sexy Mexican bullfighter () is after his horns, but he’s also got his eye on the social events coordinator (, who is just stunning) of the hotel, herself the daughter of a former Russian aristocrat () who is the hotel’s cook. The plot never feels fresh for even a millisecond (the flashbacks to Presley’s tortured past as a trapeze artist are a hoot), but it never matters: the songs are all wonderful, Elvis is at his most supremely handsome (and in a bathing suit a lot), and the candy-coloured photography of Acapulco is breathtakingly irresistible. Dive into the stupidity and have a great time; you’ll love yourself in the morning.

USA, 1963

Directed by

Screenplay by 

Cinematography by 

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by ,

Costume Design by

Film Editing by


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