X-Men 2: X-Men United (X2)


(out of 5)

That superb collective of Marvel Comics superheroes has once again returned for another exciting adventure, this time even more breathtaking and fun than the last one was. In a tense political atmosphere that smells of greater conflict between mutants and humans to come in the future, a vengeful human scientist () has taken it upon himself to extract vital information from the imprisoned Magneto () that could endanger the school for the ‘Gifted’ run by Dr. Xavier () and the students within it. Wolverine () would like to be helpful but is still preoccupied with finding out more information about his life prior to the amnesia he suffered after having painful experimentation done on him, while across the country Storm () and Jean Gray () investigate an assassination attempt on the U.S. President by a yet-unknown mutant with transporter abilities named Nightcrawler (). Great character development, marvelous drama and absolutely seamless visual effects make for one of the most exciting adventures of the season and the promise of even better quality in the films to come. Whereas the original X-Men felt simply like a preview for a later chapter and featured much fewer thrills, this one comes across as a totally engrossing, complete action film with elements to spare. The cast continues to have a great time, and the audiences will definitely feel no different.

Twentieth Century Fox, Marvel Enterprises, Donners’ Company, Bad Hat Harry Productions, XF2 Canada Productions, XM2 Productions

Canada/USA, 2003

Directed by

Story by , , Bryan Singer, Screenplay by , , David Hayter

Cinematography by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by , John Ottman


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