Teacher’s Pet


(out of 5)

Hard bitten newspaper man  is asked to do a guest lecture for a journalism class and refuses. He believes that being a newspaper man is something one learns only from experience, not in a classroom, but when he is finally forced to go he is surprised to discover that the class is being taught by a wholesome, gorgeous blonde () with whom he is immediately smitten. In trying to get with her, and to outdo her handsome psychology professor suitor ( in a hilarious supporting role), Gable comes to understand the merits of a combination of life experience and classroom education. This odd cinematic mix of social realism and romantic comedy is overlong and far too uneven, most likely a result of the original script having been converted from a drama that no studio wanted to touch to a romantic comedy that was immediately snapped up by Paramount as a vehicle for its female star. There’s lots of wise observations that comment on America’s need to promote its self-made image in light of its classist origins, but mostly it’s a fun romp that is often bogged down by excess but succeeds because of Day’s lovely charms. Gable has a lot of energy at this late point in his career, but he’s far, far too old to be Miss Day’s leading man and even he seems to think so (Gary Cooper paired with Audrey Hepburn suddenly looks less ridiculous when watching this film).

Perlberg-Seaton Productions

USA, 1958

Directed by George Seaton

Screenplay by Fay Kanin, Michael Kanin

Cinematography by Haskell B. Boggs

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by ,

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards:  1958

Golden Globe Awards:  1958


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