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(out of 5)

Captured in the jungles as an infant and raised in the United States in a cage, blue macaw Blu () lives a perfectly happy life with his devoted owner Linda (). She gives in to her environmental guilt when a Brazilian scientist () shows up and tells her that they have found a female of Blu’s species with whom he needs to mate if his kind is to survive into the future. The two humans take the charmingly neurotic bird, who is afraid of flying, to South America where he has an instant dislike for the mouthy, adventurous lady () with whom he is expected to reproduce. Things get even dicier when the birds are stolen by poachers and they find themselves breaking out of cages and wending their way through the Amazon. The jokes never stop, the colours are gorgeous and the musical score, smothered in Samba and supervised by Sergio Mendes is terrific. This is one of the most enjoyable kids movies to come along in ages, and you won’t have to be a kid to really get into it.

Twentieth Century Fox Animation, Blue Sky Studios

USA, 2011

Directed by

Story by Carlos Saldanha, , , Screenplay by , , ,

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Music by

Production Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards:  2011

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