Producing Adults (Lapsia Ja Aikuisia – Kuinka niita Tehdaan?)


(out of 5)

In this enjoyable romantic comedy/drama from Finland, a speed skater on his way to a successful career sees his girlfriend’s possible pregnancy as a serious setback. He slips a “morning after” pill into her drink when she’s not looking, and when she discovers the truth it sends her on an emotional journey that drives her into the arms of another woman. The acting is perfect in this beautifully shot film, with injections of humour that make the more serious aspects of the story all the more diverting, and the cast’s perfectly natural reactions to all situations enriches the detail. Unfortunately, not even the best aspects of it divert you from the plain fact that it all seems unbelievable from the get-go: why would a woman whose boyfriend basically forced an abortion upon her even consider re-evaluating their relationship? What’s he going to do when he thinks she needs to lose weight? You’re caught between feeling for the girl and thinking she must be a bit of an idiot, though her new love interest is such a terrific catch that you won’t be too bothered by her behaviour too much.

Blind Spot Pictures Oy, Sonet Film AB, Film i Väst

Finland/Sweden, 2004

Directed by

Original idea by , , Aleksi Salmenpera, , Screenplay by Pekko Pesonen

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Toronto International Film Festival 2004


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