Alice In The Navy (I Aliki Sto Naftiko)


(out of 5)

Greek musical star  plays her usual plucky self, this time the daughter of a navy captain who falls in love with one of his sailors (). Mad about him ever since they had a saucy conversation across yachts, she abandons all propriety and stows away on her lover’s boat, hoping to have some private time with him except that she’s discovered by other sailors first. The men have to keep her presence on the boat a secret or else risk being thrown in jail and destroying their careers forever; on the other hand, there’s always time and motivation for a couple of musical numbers, and Aliki does not disappoint. This bubbleheaded concoction barely ever makes sense, but the photography is colourful and appealing and the music tuneful throughout.

Greece, 1961

Directed by 

Screenplay by Alekos Sakellarios

Cinematography by

Music by

Production Design by

Film Editing by

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