My Old Addiction

Movie Reviews By Bil Antoniou

Watership Down


(out of 5)

This animated film is about a small group of rabbits who have been told by their seer that their warren is under threat of an environmental disaster and will soon be uninhabitable. Only a few rabbits heed the warning, and they set off in search of a new home on a perilous journey beset by human predators, the dangers of nature and the oppression of other rabbits. The evil rabbit general who runs the police state near a place they think they have found safety in is one of the most unnerving and vicious villains in animated film history, and for this reason I would recommend that the small fries avoid watching it. Anyone interested in seeing animation being used to tell deeply political, thought-provoking stories (with rabbits, no less!) will probably get something out it.

Nepenthe Productions, Watership Productions

United Kingdom, 1978

Directed by

Screenplay by Martin Rosen, based on the novel by

Produced by Martin Rosen

Music by

Film Editing by

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