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Year One


(out of 5)

Two cavemen in are rejected from their prehistoric village after one of them () eats from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. The two primitives (Black’s companion being ) journey to the world outside their village, entering the book of Genesis as they witness Abel’s murder by his brother Cain, who then threatens to kill the two witnesses if they spill the beans to his father Adam (director Harold Ramis). When the two ladies from home that the boys love are sold into slavery and taken to the infamous city of Sodom, Black and Cera journey there in the hopes of saving them and fulfilling what the misguided Black believes is his destiny as a “chosen one”.  Hollywood films of the past, from One Million Years B.C. to The Ten Commandments, have played so fast and loose with historical accuracy when telling stories about ancient times that it’s no wonder where the silly puns and slapstick humour of this film come from. Some of it is actually quite funny, particularly when Black is given the opportunity to display verbally witty anachronisms, but the overall effect is about as meaningful as the Wayans Brothers spoofs. A subplot involving  as the mincing priest of Sodom is humourless enough to be homophobic, while Harold Ramis’s direction is on par with a talentless hack and not the guy behind the wonderful Groundhog Day.

Columbia Pictures Corporation, Ocean PicturesApatow Productions

USA, 2009

Directed by

Story by Harold Ramis, Screenplay by Harold Ramis, ,

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Music by 

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by ,

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