(out of 5)

Uninspired science-fiction comedy tries to go for Men In Black popularity but is beaten down by copycat special effects and a lame script. Geologists  and  witness a phenomenon when they examine a fallen meteor and realize that it is infested with alien life that is evolving at a superfast rate, possibly endangering human life on the planet forever. Sexy, klutzy scientist  shows up as an official representative of the CDA to keep these renegade scientists off the case and run it with the army’s guidance, but naturally she can’t resist Duchovny’s charms. There are lots of laughs provided by Jones and  as a bumbling firefighter, but you can never escape the plain fact that you’ve seen it all before and much better.

Columbia Pictures Corporation, DreamWorks, The Montecito Picture Company

USA, 2001

Directed by

Story by , Screenplay by , , Don Jakoby

Cinematography by

Produced by , ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by ,



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