A Story Of Floating Weeds (Ukikusa Monogatari)


(out of 5)

This gorgeously shot silent film by Yasujiro Ozu was later remade by the director in 1959 as the masterpiece Floating Weeds. Fans of the later version should definitely see the original, a sensitive, touching story that also displays the deep maturity that this great artist experienced in the years between the two productions. A travelling group of players stop at a town where their leader Kihachi has a family secret: the woman he loved long ago has been raising their son without the boy knowing that his father is a poor, moderately successful actor. Kihachi’s current leading lady and mistress becomes jealous when she founds out that he has been frequenting another woman’s house, and her need to discover the nature of his betrayal leads to heartbreak for all. Ozu’s brilliance is already apparent here, but the remake featured more depth of character, thanks to also having synchronized sound and colourful photography, that makes the experience even more rewarding.

Japan, 1934

Directed by

Story by Yasujiro Ozu, Screenplay by

Cinematography by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by



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