Other Among Others (2010)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BB

Original title:  Otro Entre Otros

Argentina, 2010.   Cinematography by .    Produced by .    Music by .    Production Design by .  

Director Maximiliano Pelosi interviews a group of Jewish gay men who describe the process of growing up in Argentina as members of two outsider groups. The men come from varying degrees of religiosity and have had a myriad of both good and bad experiences with family, friends, society and love as they reconcile their heritage with their sexuality. Every human life is valuable and it seems callous to complain about anyone’s complicated adolescence being mundane, but Pelosi never seems to get much out of the experience here: this film is a collection of all-too familiar coming out testimonials and sad descriptions of unsympathetic surroundings. It is possible that the intended subject target is too vague and should have had a sharper focus, or that Pelosi should have searched for more charismatic figures. Either way, the film is true to life, so much so that it is a chore to sit through.

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