Kung Fu Panda


(out of 5)

Po is a panda bear (voiced by ) whose duck father wants him to grow up and become a master of noodle soup like himself. Po dreams of more, however, spending his days fantasizing that he is a martial-arts champion who wows all of China with his mad skills. On the day that a great master of kung fu is to choose the next “Dragon Warrior”, Po accidentally gets in the way of the five highly-trained, super-styling candidates for the job and suddenly finds himself holding the position. Trouble is, he’s a big, flabby bear with no previous training who now has to take on the arch-villain of all time when the master teacher’s arch nemesis () is released from prison.   contributes a superb performance as the second-in-command kung fu trainer who needs to get over his prejudice and show this big furball a thing or two about self-defense. An adorable story, charming characters, terrific voice work (which also includes , ,  and ) combine with archly creative and attractive animation for a thoroughly enjoyable comedy romp. The kids will be delighted and adults will never be bored. The animation is so superbly achieved that your eye will be far too entertained for your brain to mind the forgettable plot.

DreamWorks Animation, Pacific Data Images

USA, 2008

Directed by

Story by , , Screenplay by

Cinematography by 

Produced by

Music by ,

Production Design by 

Film Editing by

Academy Awards 2008

Golden Globe Awards 2008

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