Corrina, Corrina


(out of 5)

One of the most insightful views into strained race relations in Small Town America in the 1960s is in this powerful romantic drama.  stars as a university-educated woman whose best prospects of employment are being the housekeeper and nanny for a widower () and his daughter (a delightful ). In getting to know his employee, Liotta finds himself intellectually and romantically drawn to Goldberg, and both of them find themselves willing to overcome boundaries to be together.  Just one scene where Goldberg describes her ambitions to write liner notes for jazz albums is in itself a home-hitting capture of American racism (when he asks her why she doesn’t do it, she subtly states, ‘They only let us play the music.’) Excellent stuff.

New Line Cinema

USA, 1994

Directed by

Screenplay by Jessie Nelson

Cinematography by

Produced by , ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by ,

Film Editing by

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