(out of 5)

Well-intentioned but boring retread of Das Boot that features hunky  and a cast of good ole boys (who mysteriously all look the same, I could never tell who was being bumped off) who are sent on a mission to steal a decoding machine from a German U-boat, then end up having to steer the foreign vessel through hostile waters where their own team is the enemy. Based on a true story (presumably), the script is actually an amalgamation of many different events of a similar nature that happened during World War II, the closest to this particular story actually having been accomplished by British soldiers. McConaughey does his very best in the pretty blank role of the ship’s serious captain, but as he is the male Julia Roberts of American cinema, any role that doesn’t allow him his smile makes him seem to completely disappear off the screen.

Universal Pictures, Canal Plus Image International,

France/USA, 2000

Directed by

Story by Jonathan Mostow, Screenplay by Jonathan Mostow, ,

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Music by

Production Design by ,

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards 2000

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