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(out of 5)

After his parents reveal to him that they’ve suffered a financial loss thanks to his father’s having been demoted at work, is devastated to learn that he cannot have his dreamed-of European vacation before beginning graduate school. Instead, he has to spend the summer working at a crummy Pennsylvania amusement park that features rigged games, dangerous rides, and all the colourful assortment of carnies you can imagine. Naturally, the kinda-pretty girl with the flat hair and the glum smile working the booth next to him wins his heart and gives him a summer that, even though he’s post-adolescent, will never let him feel like he’s the same ever again. All the characters are likeable and fun, even Kristen Stewart manages to seem like she’s having a good time, but the episodic structure of the script eventually grows tiresome, and the laughs are only ever pleasant chuckles.  If the film had a sweeter heart at its centre this low energy drive would be more appropriate, but as it is it’s just adequate. is out of place as resident cool dude, a park maintenance man who moonlights in a rock band.

Miramax, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, This Is That Productions

USA, 2009

Directed by

Screenplay by Greg Mottola

Cinematography by

Produced by ,,

Music by

Production Design by 

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Gotham Awards 2009

Independent Spirit Awards 2009.  

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