Big Deal On Madonna Street (The Usual Unidentified Thieves) (I Soliti Ignoti)


(out of 5)

Highly influential, wonderfully funny heist film that’s sort of the goofy cousin of Dassin’s Rififi. After taking the fall for a fellow thief and ending up in jail with him instead of for him,  tricks his cellmate into giving him a lead on a good robbery. The job turns out to be breaking into the apartment of two old ladies and finding their hidden jewel safe, and the accomplishing of the task involves gathering a group of equally inept robbers (including a pre-Dolce Vita ) whose personal problems are almost as complicated as the details of the heist itself: one has to take care of his infant son while his wife does time for selling stolen cigarettes, another is highly protective of his virginal sister (a sweet young ), and the third is hot for the sister, while Gassman has to romance the maid who works in the apartment in order to make sure she’s out of the house when they pull off the robbery. Delightful performances, a polished script and some hysterical twists of fate make for one of the best that the genre ever had to offer.

Cinecittà, Lux Film, Vides Cinematografica

Italy, 1958

Directed by

Story by , , Screenplay by Agenore Incrocci, Furio Scarpelli, , Mario Monicelli, based on the short story Furto In Una Pasticceria by

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by Piero Gherardi

Film Editing by

Academy Awards 1958

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