My Old Addiction

The Witches Of Eastwick


(out of 5)

Proof that even when he makes a bad movie George Miller is still making a good one, this delightful comedy is so enjoyable that even its weakest elements are forgivable. It purports to be based on the novel by John Updike, but the film adaptation has only retained the title and the very basic premise of the book, dealing with three women who meet the Devil himself () and are charmed completely by him. ,  and  are fantastic as the leads, three independently minded but vulnerable women who end up living in a sort-of harem with the mean red guy until they finally decide to break free of him once and for all. The story builds itself up to a painfully feeble conclusion, but the characters are fun and the experience so light and frothy you won’t mind a single bit. The scene with  vomiting cherries is positively inspired.

Warner Bros., The Guber-Peters Company, Kennedy Miller Productions

USA, 1987

Directed by

Screenplay by , based on the novel by

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by ,

Academy Award Nominations
Best Music (Original Score) (John Williams)
Best Sound (Wayne Artman, Tom Beckert, Tom Dahl, Art Rochester)


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