Happy Feet


(out of 5)

Cutting loose while wearing a tuxedo:  is there anything more adorably cool in the animal kingdom than a penguin? In this film by George Miller, the master behind such diverse works as The Witches Of Eastwick, Lorenzo’s Oil and, of course, the classic beast-flick Babe, a colony of Emperor Penguins live in Antarctica and go about their daily lives with a song perpetually in their hearts and on their lips.  Every penguin must develop its heartsong in order to find its soulmate, but when Mumble () is born a little bit different, the whole colony goes into disarray. Mumble is developing a bit slowly, a tiny bit soft in the head and completely unable to sing a note. On the upside, he is one hell of a dancer, and it is this particular talent that gets him rejected from his community, but eventually helps him save the world. A typical tale of the outsider succeeding against the odds is overcome with superb animation, delightful characterizations and a toe-tapping soundtrack that hardly allows the wonderful singing and dancing to stop for more than a few minutes at a time. Celebrity voicework includes , ,  (singing beautifully),  (in three characters) and , while Mumble’s fancy footwork is performed (through the magic of motion-capture computer-generated imagery ) by Broadway dancer Savion Glover.

Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, Kennedy Miller Productions, Animal Logic, Kingdom Feature Productions

Australia/USA, 2006

Directed by

Screenplay by George Miller, , ,

Cinematography by

Produced by , ,

Music by

Production Design by

Film Editing by ,

Academy Awards 2006

Golden Globe Awards 2006


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