Suzanne’s Career (La Carriere de Suzanne)


(out of 5)

Early chapter in Eric Rohmer’s Moral Tales, a short but sweet little treat about two friends and the lady between them.  One is a shy pharmacology student and the other a full-on lady killer, so naturally Suzanne drifts more towards the latter, but when she doesn’t quite give in to his physical desires as easily as he expects, will she turn to his friend even though he’s into another girl?  And will the shyer member of the trio be willing, or will he engage in more discussions of sexuality, philosophy and the battle of the sexes?  It’s a light, delicious treat whose primitive qualities (low-grade stock, obvious post-dubbed dialogue) do not detract from its charms.

France, 1963

Directed by

Screenplay by Eric Rohmer

Cinematography by

Produced by

Film Editing by Eric Rohmer

The Criterion Collection

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