The Twilight Of The Ice Nymphs


(out of 5)

Pointless fantasy film directed by Guy Maddin, who seems much better suited to short films (The Heart of the World, The Eye Like A Strange Balloon) than features.  and  star as ostrich farmers in a mythical land who meet a stranger (played by an actor who chose to remain nameless from shame of this film, with his voice dubbed by another performer) who turns out to have been born in their country and is just returning home now for the first time in years. He falls in love with a beautiful princess () but must outwit an evil sorcerer () in order to win her. The film’s visuals are cheap instead of the kind of arty-kinky they seem to desire to be, and not one word of dialogue in the entire thing makes any sense. Big waste of time.

Marble Island Pictures, Twilight Pictures Inc.

Canada, 1997

Directed by

Screenplay by , based on the novel Pan by

Cinematography by

Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Film Festivals:  TIFF 1997


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