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The Truth About Cats And Dogs


(out of 5)

Delightful romantic comedy takes the premise of Cyrano De Bergerac and updates it to involve two women ( and ) trying to romance a handsome stranger (). After originally meeting Chaplin on her on-air pet-tips radio show, Garofalo describes herself to him as matching the looks of her dim but sweet neighbour (Thurman) and ends up coaxing the young woman into going through the motions with Chaplin so that won’t be disappointed. As in Bergerac, Garofalo coaches Thurman in what to say and how to behave to ensnare the hapless fellow, not realizing that in the process she really does fall in love with him. Marvelously written by Audrey Wells, the film is a huge cut above the average Hollywood film of this genre, placing itself up there with Sleepless In Seattle and Return To Me as among the best of the decade, and offering the enormously talented Garofalo a much-deserved leading role.  The down side is, the whole thing makes no sense, as we the audience can’t see why Garofalo would hide her lovely self at all.

Twentieth Century Fox, Noon Attack

USA, 1996

Directed by

Screenplay by

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