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(out of 5)

Thoroughly overrated gangster movie tells the true story of Benjamin Siegel () and his dream to build Las Vegas. Beatty, after years of being criticized for his placid, overly subtle performances, decided that this project was the perfect vehicle to show off a little more energy, and that he does. His Siegel is a hot stovepipe of temper tantrums and mood swings, perfectly balanced against ‘s sexy, cool and crisp gangster moll/struggling starlet. The only time the film ever really feels alive is when these two are sparring together on screen, and their dialogue with each other is the best the film has to offer (‘Dialogue is cheap in Hollywood, Ben…why don’t you go outside and jerk yourself a soda?’) The rest of the time it centres around Siegel’s business dealings with Meyer Lansky (), Mickey Cohen () and a whole bunch of other indistinguishable business suits with matching hats and tough-guy accents, and much of it is not particularly interesting. Its highest praise, aside from the acting of the two leads, goes to Barry Levinson’s pristine recreation of the 1940s, complete with dreamy photography by Allen Daviau and letter-perfect set design and costuming. Other than that, it’s an action movie without a single bit of action, and very little character development to make up for that.

, Mulholland Productions, Baltimore Pictures

USA, 1991

Directed by

Screenplay by

Cinematography by

Produced by , , Barry Levinson

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by Albert Wolsky

Film Editing by ,

Academy Awards 1991

Golden Globe Awards 1991

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