200 American


(out of 5)

Giving the hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold tale a male spin doesn’t make it any less familiar. In fact, in no particular way does it ever get much more painful than this less-than-zero budget, straight-to-video indie flick, which will only have marginal appeal to a gay audience (and even then will still require a lot of forbearance to sit through). Conrad, a wealthy advertising executive, deals with the loneliness of a recent break-up by ordering a hustler from a magazine advertisement and making him a regular indulgence. Getting to know his pet a little bit better, he discovers that ‘Tyler” is actually Ian, an Australian ex-pat who wants to become a photographer but needs money to pay for a sham wedding in order to stay in the country and become legal. Conrad decides to give the guy a break and hire him on his latest modelling shoot as an assistant to a big-time photographer, but things get complicated as Ian catches the eye of another man and still has to perform his duties for Conrad. The familiar story, which is basically a gay Pretty Woman (and tries to excuse this by mentioning that film) would be more enjoyable if the film didn’t have atrocious dialogue, grammar school-level acting, cheap-looking sets (all shot on what looks like VHS video) and virtually non-existent direction. You could blame the low budget, but even the most inexperienced actor knows better than to perform a monologue on the telephone without taking a moment to pretend that someone else on the other end of the line is responding.

Listen to BGM’s Episode on 200 American.

Wolfe Video, 3rd Day Productions

USA, 2003

Directed by

Screenplay by Richard LeMay

Produced by Richard LeMay

Music by F.L. Jones

Film Editing by Richard LeMay


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