A Very Natural Thing


(out of 5)

David is a seminary student who abandons his goals of becoming a priest when he can no longer deny his sexuality to himself. Coming out as a gay man in the big city, he meets and falls in love with Mark and ends up wanting to be as out as he possibly can. Mark’s commitment phobia leads David to deepen his own understanding of his individuality and personal strength, which is put to the test again when he has the opportunity to form another relationship. Although the acting is amateurish in spots, this independent seventies film is a real charmer, an early example of honest gay storytelling in a time when it really wasn’t popular.

Montage Creations

USA, 1974

Directed by

Story and Screenplay by , Christopher Larkin

Cinematography by

Produced by Christopher Larkin

Music by , ,

Film Editing by

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