Inherit The Wind


(out of 5)

This riveting courtroom drama, based on the play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, is one of Stanley Kramer’s most impressive films. Inspired by the Scopes “Monkey Trial” of 1925 in Tennessee, it stars as a defence lawyer assigned to the case of a schoolteacher being discharged for teaching Darwin’s theories in class. Darwin’s theory of evolution goes directly against the story of Creation as written in the Bible, thus creating a fury among residents in the town where the trial takes place.   is pure fire and brimstone as the fundamentalist preacher-like lawyer (and failed presidential candidate) who prosecutes the case, while  appears as a pessimistic reporter who makes sure to get all down in time for the evening edition. Though the writing and performances are incredibly obvious, blood will definitely boil before the show is out.

Stanley Kramer Productions

USA, 1960

Directed by

Screenplay by , , based on the play by ,

Cinematography by

Produced by Stanley Kramer

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards 1960

Golden Globe Awards 1960

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