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(out of 5)

Fun documentary that chronicles the career of one of the most successful comedy writers in show business today, . After an auspicious debut as a writer for the Chicago Tribune, Vilanch came to Hollywood and wrote for (ghastly as it seems) The Brady Bunch Variety Hour and Donny & Marie before his present-day status as the quip guru who provides shows like the Oscars, high-profile fundraisers and television specials with the lines that really zing. This highly entertaining film interviews his closest collaborators, including  (with whom Vilanch has worked on many Academy Awards shows),  (whose spoken concert material is often written by Vilanch), ,  and . Other cameos include , ,  (reminiscing about the Brady Bunch show before a biting reminder of the Friars Club debacle with Goldberg) and , but the richest material comes from Vilanch himself, whose testimonials about his personal life and career are entertaining and insightful. Plus, his mother is a scream. It’s a great backstage look at Hollywood, even if it is too short to be really substantial.


USA, 1999

Directed by

Cinematography by

Produced by Andrew J. Kuehn

Music by

Film Editing by ,


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