Boys Life: Three Stories of Love, Lust And Liberation


(out of 5)

The first in a series of films combining poignant and entertaining short films pertaining to gay males, this is still one of the strongest of the bunch. All three deal with young men awakening to their sexuality: the first, and least impressive, Pool Days, follows an attendant hired as a night guard at a public pool, whose fixation on one particular swimmer teaches him all he needs to know about himself. A Friend Of Dorothy, the best of the three, stars (who also directs) as a college student who is trying to make a connection on campus while secretly lusting after his roommate. The Disco Years features Nashville‘s late  in one of her final roles, and is a sweet coming of age tale about a high school kid in the seventies who gets it on with the school’s hot sport star, only to be rejected immediately afterwards and made the focus of derision among his peers. The three films work well enough on their own, but combined they make for a terrific night of entertainment.

Strand Releasing

USA, 1994

Directed by , ,

Screenplay by Raoul O’Connell, Brian Sloan, Robert Lee King

Cinematography by , ,

Produced by Raoul O’Connell, , , Robert Lee King, Brian Sloan

Music by , ,

Production Design by , ,

Costume Design by

Film Editing by , , Brian Sloan


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