Madonna: Truth Or Dare (1991)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBB.5

USA, 1991.  Boy Toy, Miramax, Propaganda Films.  Cinematography by , , , , , .  Produced by , .  Film Editing by .  

This fascinating documentary takes you behind the scenes of pop icon ‘s 1990 Blond Ambition tour:  her dancers are interviewed, her family is examined, and the icon herself does a whole lot of performing for the camera both on stage and off.  For some, the film only skims the surface in terms of getting to know her as a person, but its main intention (at least from her point of view) is to give audiences a look into the life of a pop star, particularly in the area of live performances. Scenes of behind the scenes life are shot in a gorgeous, silvery black-and-white, then punctuated beautifully by scenes from the concert shot in startling colour, including live performances of her hit songs “Express Yourself”, “Holiday” and the ever-controversial performance of “Like A Virgin” that nearly got her thrown into jail in Toronto (though if you pay enough attention to detail you’ll notice that the film doesn’t show the ACTUAL performance that nearly got her thrown in jail).  Madonna’s career and persona are a fascinating, giant work of reality and fiction, and this constantly entertaining film is just a chip off the block of what she has to offer of herself.

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