The White Queen (La Reine Blanche)


(out of 5)

Years after she won her town of Nante’s local beauty contest, a still gorgeous housewife (, of course) has her quiet life with husband () and kids thrown into disarray when an old flame () comes back to town. He left for Guadaloupe not long after her triumph and thus made her choice between the two men she loved much simpler for her, so she is naturally confused when he returns (complete with native wife and children), but not nearly as incensed as her insecure, jealous husband. This beautifully filmed drama touches on subjects of lost love but also investigates the racism of colonial France when the returning lover’s mixed daughter gets into the same contest that Deneuve previously won, thus challenging the traditional attitudes of 1960s society. A glossy soap opera, but an enjoyable one.


Directed by

Screenplay by Jean-Loup Hubert

Cinematography by


Produced by

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

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