Night And Day (2008)


Bil’s rating (out of 5):  BBBB.  

South Korea, 2008.  B.O.M. Film Productions Co..  Screenplay by Sang-soo Hong.  Produced by , ,

Hong Sang-soo takes his characters to the City of Lights (and love) in this lengthy but highly rewarding comedy drama. After indulging himself in smoking pot with his friend, celebrated artist Sung-nam decides to skirt the authorities by fleeing Seoul to Paris and taking up with some acquaintances there, spending weeks in the French capital wandering around without having any work (and, eventually, very little money to spend). While there he also complicates his relationships with women, missing his wife back home with whom he communicates on the telephone, taking up with a student, falling in love with her roommate and reconnecting with an ex-girlfriend who is now married to a French man. It all unfolds with the quiet, natural pace of real life, but the characters are so vividly watchable that the experience never feels trite or dull, and the romantic situations have just enough of an undercurrent of humorous whimsy to them (a nod to the best of Rohmer, perhaps) that it is easy to remain invested in their outcomes.

Berlin Film Festival:  In Competition

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