The Hours and Times

Hours And Times : Cinema 1-Sheet Poster
Hours And Times : Cinema 1-Sheet Poster


(out of 5)

Following the initial success of the Beatles’ first records and just before Beatlemania would take them to international superstardom in North America, John Lennon and manager Brian Epstein spent a few days on holiday in Spain and no one really knows what went down.  Christopher Munch’s beautifully compact film, a mere 65 minutes of running time but every bit of it wonderfully achieved, seeks to explore the possibilities of this missing time, with  and  doing superb jobs in the lead roles.  The two men discuss their work, their passions and enjoy duelling their ideas of sexuality and desire before finally giving in to the inevitable: it’s sunny Spain and you’re washing a cute boy’s back in the bath, what’s a red-blooded male to do?  As film caprices go, they hardly get classier or more assured than this.

Antarctic Pictures

USA, 1991

Directed by

Screenplay by Christopher Munch

Produced by Christopher Munch


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