(out of 5)

At the beginning of this marginally hilarious comedy,  plays a soap opera star who receives yet another Daytime Emmy Award for her work on her show The Sun Also Sets. It is presumed that we are going to watch a charming little comedy about the real, dull lives of soap stars, but what we end up seeing instead is a farce that shows that life truly is stranger than fiction: long-lost children, sexual identity crises, returning husbands and more are thrown into the mix as these people end up living lives that are a hell of lot more interesting than anything the story department can drum up.   has a hilarious supporting role as a lead story editor who perks Field up whenever she’s feeling down about her waning career. The colourful sets and costumes are an attraction, though they only highlight the obvious fact that this film is a fun but very hollow experience.

Paramount Pictures

USA, 1991

Directed by

Story by , Screenplay by Robert Harling,

Cinematography by

Produced by ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Golden Globe Awards 1991


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