Pieces Of April


(out of 5)

 plays a young woman whose difficult relationship with her family is put to the test on the day she is expecting them for Thanksgiving dinner and can’t cook her turkey due to a faulty stove. She wanders around her New York City apartment building hoping that a neighbour might take pity on her and help her out, all the while her parents (, ), siblings and grandmother are in their car heading in from out of town in expectation of a disastrous reunion. The dinner is an important one because mother Clarkson is dying of cancer and it might be their last chance to all be together. This digitally shot, “little” film has engaging characters and an enjoyable plot, moving along at a healthy pace thanks to excellent dialogue and delightful performances. The ending feels a bit rushed, though, and the film needn’t have been in such a hurry to get itself over with. Clarkson is a standout, her scenes in the car with Platt being the best ones, while (of TV’s Will And Grace) strikes a sour note in an overdone and unbelievable performance as Holmes’s obsessive neighbour.

United Artists, IFC Productions, InDigEnt, Kalkaska Productions, Well Done Productions

USA, 2003

Directed by

Screenplay by Peter Hedges

Cinematography by

Produced by , ,

Music by

Production Design by

Costume Design by

Film Editing by

Academy Awards 2003

Golden Globe Awards 2003

Independent Spirit Awards 2003.

Toronto International Film Festival 2003


One thought on “Pieces Of April

  1. I first saw this film on TV about 30 minutes in. I thought Katie Holmes did a good job and the family was fun to watch. Somehow, this movie was greater than the sum of its parts.

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